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Dynamics Links[edit]

See Ioannis Galidakis' link on A Collection of References for Infinite Exponentials and Tetration and the Tetration Forum literature references database.

Resources for continuous iteration[edit]

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Stephen Wolfram,
A NEW KIND OF SCIENCE Wolfram Media (2002)

Stephen Wolfram,
A NEW KIND OF SCIENCE Open Problems and Projects
<a href="http://www.wolframscience.com">http://www.wolframscience.com</a>

A reply to one of Stephen Wolfram's questions. Gives an overview of my work, but is not peer-reviewed. See <a href="../Ackermann/arithmetic.html">All is Arithmetic</a>

Here are some links to my earlier work. I have put these links here solely so that I can refer researcher to information substantiating my current work. Some of this material has minor errors in it.

<a href="DynamicsAndHierarchies.htm">Dynamics And Hierarchies</a>

<a href="IteratedSine/index.html">Iterated Sine Function</a>

<a href="DynDerv/index.html">Dynamical Derivatives of Iterated Functions with Hyperbolic Fixed Points</a>